MTN Uganda commits to addressing public concerns regarding rapid data depletion

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MTN Uganda commits to addressing public concerns regarding rapid data depletion
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MTN Uganda has acknowledged the public's outcry and expressed its commitment to resolving specific issues related to data depletion, as highlighted in the online campaign called #datatheftexhibition.

In response to numerous complaints from Ugandans, including prominent celebrities, regarding the rapid depletion of their data GBs within a short period, MTN Uganda has released a statement addressing these concerns.

"MTN Uganda takes these concerns very seriously and is dedicated to addressing them," the company stated.

Furthermore, the telecom giant reassured its customers of its readiness to provide support through various channels, including social media, toll-free call lines, and physical service centres. This reaffirms MTN Uganda's commitment to delivering excellent services and prioritizing positive user experiences.

Customers are encouraged to reach out through multiple avenues, such as Twitter, WhatsApp, toll-free call lines, and physical service centres, underscoring the company's dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction.

Recently, George William Thembo Nyombi, the Executive Director of the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC), emphasized the seriousness of data billing and usage integrity issues and shed light on ongoing investigations into the matter.

Nyombi highlighted the urgent need to address data billing and usage integrity issues, stressing that investigations had uncovered various factors contributing to this widespread problem.

"The issue of data billing and usage integrity is of utmost concern," Nyombi stated, emphasizing the importance of promptly addressing the matter.

According to Nyombi, consumer-related scenarios contributing to the problem include automatic downloads and content with excessive advertisements, which lead to unexpected data usage.

Nyombi underlined the need for consumers to take proactive measures in tackling these challenges, reiterating the significance of addressing data billing and usage integrity issues.

Regarding network-related scenarios, Nyombi emphasized the importance of accurate data metering and transparency from service providers, echoing the sentiment that data billing and usage integrity issues are a significant concern.

In February of this year, singer Moses Ssali, popularly known as Bebe Cool, threatened to sue Airtel Uganda, a telecommunications company, after 22GB of data from his mobile phone number was depleted within a short period, despite not using the data.

Another singer, Priscilla Zawedde, also known as Azawi, recently raised concerns with Airtel regarding the same issue.

She revealed that 22GB of data she had purchased had expired within two days, despite not utilizing it for streaming or any other purpose.

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