Security raises terror alert level

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Security raises terror alert level
The scene of the November 2021 twin blasts.

Ugandan security has raised its alert warning to the highest level after information from the regional counter terrorism center indicated increased activities by the Allied Democratic Forces inside the country.

In an alert on Saturday evening, Ugandan security said it has received information that following continued hitting of ADF inside DRC, they have resorted to sending their fighters inside the country with arms and improvised explosive devices to cause havoc  inside the country in a bid to "assassinate individuals who don't support them, surrendered to the government and government officials."

"They have intentions to blow down places of worship and happening places like bars, supermarkets, taxi parks, bus parks and markets among others," the alert reads in part.

"This is therefore to alert the public to be extra vigilant like we have always been and report or arrest, any strange characters in bars, hotels/restaurants or residents."

Security says everyone accessing public places must be thoroughly checked.

" Security assures all that we shall be available to respond to any call at anytime."

In November, 2021, ADF terrorists detonated twin bombs at the Central Police Station in Kampala and alongside Parliamentary Avenue where 10 people were killed and several others injured.

However, Uganda security forces have since rounded up several individuals linked to the blasts as well as launching operations that have seen several suspected ADF sleeper cells wiped up and members either killed or arrested.

These operations continue up to date as security seeks to clean the country.

Meanwhile, following the November 2021 attacks, the Ugandan army, UPDF together with their Congolese counterparts , FADRC launched a joint operation against the ADF inside Congo.

The operation has seen several top ADF commanders and fighters either killed or captured alive and several caches of arms and ammunition seized.

The operation nicknamed 'Shuja" a Kiswahili word for bravery has also led to the rescue of several abductees whereas several ADF camps have been destroyed as the group went into disarray and now moves in small splinter groups to avoid detection.

President Museveni recently said it is these splinter groups that having been hit hard inside DRC are crossing back into Uganda to cause havoc.

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