Mayiga to NUP: Governance requires internal patience

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Mayiga to NUP: Governance requires internal patience
Mayiga and Ssenyonyi

The Katikkiro of Buganda, Charles Peter Mayiga has cautioned the leadership of the National Unity Platform (NUP) against internal discord.

Speaking during a meeting with the Leader of the Opposition Joel Ssenyonyi at Bulange Mango, Mayiga's remarks come amid public tension within NUP, notably with embattled Parliamentary commissioner Mathias Mpuuga facing allegations of abuse of office and corruption during his tenure as the leader of the Opposition.

While Mpuuga has denied the allegations, public disputes persist.

Mayiga questioned whether the leading opposition party was prepared to govern if they couldn't resolve internal conflicts.

"You have to be patient with one another. Hon Ssenyonyi has two children now; he is still young. But you find that those children do not resemble each other, yet they are your children. What will you do? Chase one away? You have to learn to be patient with one another," he stressed.

He advised the opposition leader to uphold mutual respect, emphasizing the importance of learning these principles while still in the opposition.

"When you fail to learn patience with each other while not yet in power, what if you come into power? Will you govern effectively? Not everyone who errs should be crucified. When one makes a mistake, call him or her and resolve the matter," he urged.

Mayiga warned that habitual insults within the party could escalate to physical altercations, marking a failure in leadership.

In a separate engagement, Ssenyonyi urged men to take the lead in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Ssenyonyi, accompanied by NUP Secretary-General Lewis Rubongoya and other opposition MPs, pledged 21 million shillings in support of the Kabaka birthday run, with proceeds earmarked for the AIDS fight.

"We pledge to support the activities of the Buganda Kingdom because we are obedient subjects of the Kabaka," Ssenyonyi affirmed.

Mayiga reiterated Buganda Kingdom's inclusivity, emphasizing that the Kabaka is not solely for the Baganda but for all of Buganda as a nation. He commended Ssenyonyi for his dedication to the kingdom's development and lauded his exemplary leadership.

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