Part 1: To build or buy a house? This should help you decide

The Real Estate Industry in Uganda is developing and today for one to acquire a house, there are two options; Build one or simply buy a complete house.

Both options come with thrilling results, imagine sleeping today and waking up tomorrow in your own house.

Or imagine developing an idea of your house, and slowly seeing it come together perfectly! Magic huh?

Here are the factors that should guide you in making a better choice between building and buying a finished house.


The initial factor of consideration is the availability of money. Do you have the capacity to buy a complete house? if your answer is no, then take your time, Nile Post has run stories of how you can build a house at your pace with even a salary of Shs800,000.

You can also build a house with basic finishing for as low as Shs18m. It will however have one bedroom, a bathroom, kitchen, and dining area plus a living room.


So in the case of buying or building a house, for those without the ability to raise a specific form of income, it is important to concentrate on planning your way out so you slowly but surely acquire that house that you would call home.

Yes, there are other means of acquiring a complete house through bank mortgaging, this should help those without lumpsum or down payments.

However, only consider a mortgage if that cost will be the same as your monthly rent.



Time is a very important aspect of making construction choices, and it also goes hand in hand with money.

Given the fact that you already have the money to build a house, it would take you approximately 7 months at a normal advisable speed. Although some people are able to build a house in under a year's quarter.

If you are the type that can take your time and ensure to get the house you have created in your mind, then choose the building option. If you are the type who is constrained by time, maybe you are moving back to Uganda from Diaspora or have landed into a quick deal, then the buying option is yours.


Building a house of your own gives you enough time to make specific changes tailored to your personal needs. You want a cloakroom, you want a bathroom outside ..a walk-in closet, etc, you can create your home according to your taste and style.

This is not possible when buying a complete house. The house has been designed already, it is up to you to compromise a few things and make the choice.

Although in most cases, if you buy a house while it is still under construction, you can have the estate manager incorporate your needs, it is not the same as building your own, because you can change your mind at any time, break walls anytime and build new ones anytime.

For purposes of those who want something that speaks to their style and preferences, building a house is the way to go, and for those who feel, one or two or three things can be compromised, well buy a house.


Part two of this story will be published next Sunday

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