Report: 40% of children in Kasese are stunted


A baseline survey conducted between 2015-2016 under the Uganda multi-sectoral food security and nutrition project has concluded that roughly 40% of children in Kasese are stunted due to malnutrition.

During the survey it was observed that most households feed on mono foods thus they feed on cassava, banana, potatoes and do not eat vegetables, fruits thereby creating a gap in the micro nutrient rich foods.

In an interview with Prossy Nakayima the Rwenzori region coordinator Netherlands Development Organization (SNV) said children below five years were stunted due to exclusive breastfeeding which she said lowers the growth of their brain.

She also stressed that gender based issues have contributed to malnutrition especially when it comes to the household workload of women in the homes.

She said men had left all domestic tasks to women leaving them with no time to prepare food for their children.

According to Bamuloho Annet a Nurse in charge of Malnutrition at Kilembe Mines Hospital, many mothers abandon their children leaving them in poor care with their grandmothers.

Dr. Wamala Pius of Kilembe Mines Hospital revealed that most mothers with malnourished children are below 18 years whom, he said, lack knowledge on how to feed their babies.


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