Experts want DNA testing to be made mandatory

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Experts have advised government to consider making DNA testing mandatory to all Ugandan citizens.

They also cautioned that with no policy regulating such tests , desperate people are vulnerable to manipulation by private entities mushrooming and carrying out these tests.

Children in many societies, are an important ingredient to any relationship for continuity.

Sadly, they can also be source of great conflict.

Paternity of children during collapse of a relationship is an area dreaded for fear of surprises, and Isma Kintu , is one among many to wake up to the rude welcome many years later.

To avert similar situations many people are painfully opting to subject their children to DNA test.

Richard Balikoowa a lecturer at the School of Psychology at Makerere University said national DNA data is a core communication tool for comparing information collected from different sources.

With the advance in science, DNA testing is becoming popular among Ugandan for fear of infidelity among couples.

Sarah Namubiru, an administrator MBN laboratories confirmed that apart tests like paternity, DNA relationship test, the DNA profiling test is increasingly becoming popular.

Yet one would question: Why are more people taking on these tests today?

Recently, the minister of Health told NBS TV that government will streamline private DNA services in the country.

With lack of a policy , there lies a big challenge

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