The gospel of mental health: Spreading awareness among men

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The gospel of mental health: Spreading awareness among men
A mental health patient | Courtesy-Independent

If a man can not provide for his homestead he feels less of a man and all this becomes an issue.

In a few heart-to-heart conversations with my male work colleagues it came to my attention that the gospel of mental health in men is not yet well spread. Could it be that we are preaching to deaf ears or the seed fell into the path and was stumbled on as the Bible puts it?

Statistically as found by Priory, 40 percent of men have never spoken about mental health and 29 percent of these men admit that they are embarrassed.

As preachers of this good news, it is our desire that our congregants spread the word to other non-believers but that has not been the case with this mental health in men.

According to CS Lewis, "the frequent attempt to conceal mental pain increases the pain: it is easier to say my tooth is aching than to say my heart is broken."

This brings me to the understanding that it is not only hard for a human being to say their heart and emotions are going through a hard time but it is harder for men considering their biological makeup.

Because men are not emotional beings like women and aided by societal biases it makes it hard for them to admit that mental health is real thus making it hard to tell someone.

The biggest causes of men's mental health decline in men are work, finances, and their health. None of these three is expected to decline because they stand in the way of their ability to provide and society has burdened them with provision talk.

If a man can not provide for his homestead he feels less of a man and all this becomes an issue.

However this is not the case, it is okay for a man to say have shortcomings in his finances and job. it is okay to fall sick.

This is when a support system is needed. Supportive wife, family, and friends so say it is okay to not be okay. To help men understand that they are the first human before they are men.

Just like physical health mental health can be as bad if we do not take care of our minds. Give your mind the same treatment as your body. If your body can be allowed to rest so does your mind.

Once men understand that it is okay to be vulnerable and seek help, life will be much easier and they can pass down the knowledge to the younger generations.

A wise man once said learning from our peers is better and easily accepted so why not encourage men to men an education on this issue?

Just like how HIV/AIDS management starts with individual awareness and action, taking care of our mental health begins with us too!

While mental health conditions may not have a single 'cure,' they can be managed and supported with the right tools, resources, and community.

By prioritising our mental well-being and supporting one another, we can work together towards a healthier and more compassionate world, one step at a time.

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