Self-testing kits launched

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Self-testing kits launched
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Vice President Jessica Alupo has unveiled HIV self-testing kits, reaffirming the government's steadfast commitment to ending the epidemic by 2030.

The initiative aims to empower individuals to take charge of their health by offering a convenient and confidential method of testing. Village Health Teams will play a pivotal role in distributing these kits to communities, ensuring widespread accessibility.

Health Minister Jane Ruth Aceng emphasized the importance of targeting vulnerable groups, including adolescents, women, and key populations such as fishermen and sex workers.

By providing a discreet means of testing, the programme seeks to reduce stigma and encourage early detection and treatment.

Dr Henry Mwebesa, director-general Health Services at the Ministry of Health, reassured the public of the efficacy of the self-testing kits, highlighting their approval by the World Health Organization.

P Alupo underscored the transformative potential of the new system, expressing optimism that it will attract more people than traditional testing methods.

The launch event witnessed a diverse turnout, including representatives from the boda boda community, symbolising unity in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

With HIV prevalence already declining to 5.2%, the launch signifies a monumental milestone in Uganda's healthcare landscape.

The self-testing kits not only represent a tool for diagnosis but also a beacon of hope, illuminating the path towards a future free from the shackles of HIV/AIDS.

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