Ways to reduce belly fat

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With the previous reads on belly fat, I can say you not only understand why your belly fat keeps accumulating and the associated risks but also the fact that being over weight may not necessarily be your biggest healthy problem yet your normal weight may still be harbouring belly rooted health problems.

To conclude our read, let us highlight a few target ways of eliminating the dangerous belly fat.

Cut down on sugar intake

Sugar is mainly composed of glucose and half fructose; fructose can only be metabolised by the liver up to certain amounts.

Refined sugars in excessive amounts clog the liver with fructose which then has to be turned into fat, in the long run building huge amounts of belly and liver fat. This may lead to insulin resistance and metabolism problems in the long run.


Therefore, it is imperative that you intentionally reduce the amount of refined or processed sugars you consume inclusive of sweetened drinks. For a long term plan to control refined sugars, also be conscious of labels, to note how much sugar is contained within the different processed products you consume.

Consume more proteins

For a long term belly fat reduction plan incorporate more protein within your diet because it plays a big role when it comes to losing weight.

Protein rich foods such as eggs, fish, seas food, legumes and nuts are reported to be effectively helpful against belly fat accumulation.

Increase fibre in take

These are usually in form of indigestible plant matter and have largely been associated with weight loss.

Fibre rich foods such as … are said to have a prolonged effect of making one feel full and reduce appetite since they stay longer in the digestive system. This in the long run is said to reduce dangerous belly fat.

Restrict carb in your diet

Low carb diets have been associated with reduction in appetite and more weight reduction achievements in the long run.


Studies indicate that low carb diets directly target the belly fat and fat around internal organs like the liver. Scientifically when you cut down on carb intake like white bread, pastries, cookies, cake, pastas and French fries, then you kill appetite making the body burn primarily fats for fuel.

Increase physical activity

Physical activeness in terms of exercise is a very effective way to burn calories and is indicated to be one of the most effective ways of losing belly fat.

General workouts such as aerobics, walking, running, swimming and skipping combined with spot exercises such as crunches, are not only associated with long healthier lives but also belly fat reduction.

Limit your alcohol consumption

Since excessive amounts of alcohol have been blamed for the beer belly fat accumulation, you may have to regulate your alcohol consumption.

Too much alcohol has been linked to fat storage around the waist therefore reduction in amounts consumed will automatically reduce the waist size especially if alcohol was the fat accumulative cause.

Control stress levels

Stress is a high potential trigger for belly fat by inciting production of cortisol a stress hormone, which increases appetite and leads to fat storage in the belly.

Therefore, reducing stress and engaging in more stress relieving engagements can be helpful in belly fat reduction.

Opt for healthy fat when cooking

Fats such as coconut oil are said to have medium chain fats which boost metabolism and reduce the amount of fat you store in response to high calorie intake.

So replacement of day-to-day fats with coconut oil may play a key role in cutting belly fat.




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