UPDF deserter who joined ADF rebels arrested

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The joint anti-terrorism task force together with the district security committee in Buyende have arrested a UPDF deserter who later joined Allied Democratic Forces(ADF) rebels in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

According to the joint security spokesperson, Fred Enanga , Hassan Mustafa Ndarike alias Wakwima Dilian deserted the UPDF in 2016 before joining the rebel ranks inside DRC.

“He was under the command of Ali Isma, one of the ADF commanders but around February this year, he sneaked into the country and had threatened to attack concert goers and revelers at a music show in Buyende district,” Enanga said.

He explained that after issuing the threats, the UPDF deserter was tracked and arrested from Serere before later being handed over to the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) for further management.

Enanga warned that the arrest of Ndarike show serve a warning to other would-be offenders that betrayal does not pay and that anyone who participates in rebel activities will always be arrested.

“The arrest further underscores the unwavering commitment of the joint anti terrorism task force and the territorial  units in identifying and holding accountable, those who break their oaths to protect our nation. We cant tolerate acts of betrayal and we continue to encourage all security personel to remain vigilant,” Enanga urged.

The development comes on the heels of increased pressure by the UPDF and the Congolese army against ADF rebels inside DRC as part of the ongoing Operation Shuja.

The operation has seen several rebel commanders and their fighters killed, others captured alive whereas others have surrendered.

Also a number of captives have been freed, catches of ammunition recovered and rebel camps decimated.

The rebels have since fled their bases.




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