Why kids raised from Katanga succeed in life and those from Kololo fail


I know a rich man who is trying to groom his daughter to take over from him some day.

The girl has been lucky to grow up from a rich home that has afforded her every thing in life. She went to best schools and even went abroad for university.

When she came back her father got her a job in one of his rich friend's companies. This was meant to teach her how to work.

She earns about 800k a month in this company but her dad gives her Shs 1 million every week as up keep, that's Shs 4 million a month. She has a driver who drives her to work and seats and waits for her all day to take her home after work at 5PM.

At work no one bothers her with anything because she shows no interest in doing anything and they know she is the daughter of the boss's friend.Her dad's friend keeps her to keep his relationship with her dad otherwise he would have fired her by now in normal circumstances.

So she is at work just passing time probably working because her father wants her to work. Am doing this for dad she must be telling her self.

I totally understand her, why would you work for 800k if paps gives you Shs 4 million every month for upkeep. Why are you really working!?

Where is the necessity to work? The human urge in her to work has been disabled. Some day when her dad wants her to take over she won't be ready and if she does, she will probably collapse the empire.

That's how many rich people raise their kids. In the end they wonder why a kid from the ghetto will succeed in their musical career, go on to succeed in politics and stand for the presidency of this country yet their kids who grew up from Kololo with everything around them can't seem to get anything right in their lives.

Nothing is important to man like the natural desire to fend for themselves..that's what keeps them surviving, if you kill that you've killed them (literally).


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