Exclusive: Ship delivered Bobi Wine's 'bullet proof' car to Mombasa

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Investigators looking into how Robert Kyagulanyi's Land Cruiser V8 made its way into the country have concluded that it arrived at Mombasa by ship, we can exclusively reveal.

What remains to be ascertained is the nature and type of ship that delivered the car, that has set tongues wagging.

Already multiple government agencies including Uganda Revenue Authority and security agencies are investigating various aspects of the car. URA wants a re-assessment of the taxes levied on the car while security agencies want to verify claims that it is bullet proof.

Yet at this point, investigators have confirmed one thing for certain: A ship was used to deliver the car to Mombasa.

The Rogue has seen a two page draft report about this. The report will be delivered to higher authorities for action.

While most cars imported into the country are usually delivered by ship at Mombasa, sources have told us that for Bobi Wine's case they have to know the kind of ship and where it originated from.

"Which ship delivered the car? That is the most important we want to know now," said one of the people knowledgeable about the investigation.

Indeed, various types of ships dock at Mombasa. The most common are cargo ships that deliver goods for onward movement to Kenya and other parts of the region like Uganda, South Sudan and Rwanda.

Occasionally, passenger ships dock there to cater for interests of hundreds of tourists that visit the.

However recently, a US Naval war ship docked there under the guise of keeping stability and security in the region. It was the first time in 10 years that a war ship was docking at Mombasa. It has since left for South Africa.

Sources have told us that once they establish the type of ship which delivered the vehicle, they will write a comprehensive report and address the media.

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