Mbbide: "I belong to DP but support Bobi Wine and Museveni for president"


A leading opposition politician in Buganda, Federiko Mukoose Mbbide has told a meeting of his supporters in Bunafuusi village that while he is a member of the DP (De Party), he will support Bobi Wine and President Museveni in the forthcoming elections.

Mbbide, who described himself as a die hard member of the DP who would never go against any party position said his contradictory stance is calculated to strengthen DP in Buganda.

Mbbide's supporters were left confused by stance and wondered how a member of DP would support candidates of another party yet his party has also fielded a candidate by the names "No Butt Mawo".

With his eyes rolling, Mbbide quickly countered that those making such assertions should read the book by the title, "The Mathematics of Politics in Uganda," to understand where he is coming from.

"The book says politics is about solving complex equations. The equation before us in 2021 is one of them and to solve it, you first cross out 'No Butt Mawo' and then multiply Munntu by Tumukube. The answer you get is Bobi Wine and Museveni," he said with a confident grin.

This left one of his campaign managers, Mutabula Sukaali, more confused and he asked whether he should now start mobilising votes for Bobi Wine and Museveni in Mazaga district.

"Yes," Mbbide instantly replied without batting an eye lid.

But Mutabula Sukaali again wondered how someone would be able to vote for Bobi Wine and Museveni on election day since they will be on one ballot paper. Ticking both, he said, would make the ballot paper invalid and cost them votes.

Mbbide had a clever solution to this conundrum.

"On election day, go to the polling station and play that game we used to play when we were kids called pinky, pinky, poonki. Where 'poonki' falls is the person you tick. If it falls on Bobi, you tick him. If it falls on Museveni, you tick him," he said.

However for the parliamentary candidate, he strictly told them not to play this game. He said they should just tick against the name "Mbbide" on the ballot paper.

"If you are illiterate and cannot read the name 'Mbbide', just tick the photo of the man in a red suit with a yellow tie," he concluded.

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