Bobi Wine: 'What is there for me to talk about with Gen Muhoozi?'


Kyadondo East legislator and singer Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu alias Bobi Wine has said that he cannot have a meeting with first son, Lt Gen Kainerugaba Muhoozi because of the injustices the government led by his father has visited upon the opposition.

Appearing on the NBS TV's Morning Breeze, Kyagulanyi said he is not yet a free man and therefore he is in no position to talk to Muhoozi.

He was reacting to a tweet by Muhoozi which noted that he had no problem meeting with Bobi Wine.

Muhoozi in the same tweet advised the youth to seek peace not war.

But Kyagulanyi said: "What is there for me to talk with Muhoozi when his father is stepping on my neck? It is important to have good ground for conversation. Let them stop killing Ugandans and stepping on my neck. Nelson Mandela said, only free men can negotiate."

Kyagulanyi said he was almost killed at the hands of the army in Arua and therefore he is in no mood to talk to his "tormentors."

Nonetheless, he said he is convinced that his 'People Power' political pressure group can win the upcoming general elections in 2021.

Kyagulanyi said that he is aware of vote rigging but there intention is to overwhelm other candidates with majority votes.

"I am convinced we can win this election. I know it will not be free and fair but we are the majority. We are reaching millions of people, that is why the regime is panicking," Kyagulanyi said.

Kyagulanyi said that as a generation, they have been ready for change for 35 years and 2021 is their chance to take over power.

"Our mission as People Power was to awaken Ugandans, now we are preparing them for the final run, taking over this country as Ugandans."

Kyagulanyi also welcomed Lt. Gen Henry Tumukunde in the 'struggle to free Uganda'.

Tumukunde recently announced his presidential ambitions and Kyagulanyi said that it does not matter to him even if they are a thousand voters.

"What matters is that the people free Uganda together," Kyagulanyi said.

On artistes being pelted with bottles

Kyagulanyi said that violence does not only happen when someone is pelted by bottles. He advised the media and security forces to talk about gun violence that has escalated in the recent times.

"When we talk about violence, you can’t talk about plastic bottles and not talk about gun violence at the hands of the state. If you are to talk about violence, do not be one-sided," he said.

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