New Leader of Opposition says she is ready for tough job


The newly appointed leader of the opposition, Betty Aol Ochan, has said that she is ready to take on the mantle.

In an interview, Ochan, the Woman MP for Gulu, said that much as some people have already cast doubt on her ability to lead opposition legislators.

"I'm very consistent, hardworking and strong. This explains why my fellow party members have entrusted me with this role," she said.

Ochan replaces Winnie Kiiza, the Kasese Woman MP who had been leader of opposition since 2016. Kiiza has been credited for uniting opposition legilstaors while surmounting several challenges.

She was instrumental in galvanising the opposition during the heated age-limit debate in parliament where some MPs were roughed up by security agencies.

Not much is known Ochan although she has been one of the more consistent opposition legilsators.

She joined Parliament in 2011 and is the second legislator from Acholi sub region to lead the opposition in Parliament. The first was Prof Ogenga Latigo, the Agago MP, between 2006 and 2011.

Who is Ochan

Ochan was born in 1958 and joined Parliament in 2006 on the FDC party ticket as Woman MP for Gulu District.

Before that, she was the Local Councillor 5 for Gulu District between 1997-2006. Betty is a teacher by profession, having first attained a Diploma in Education from Makerere University in 1981.

She taught at Awere S.S 1985-1990 and Layibi College in Gulu between 1981-1985.

In 1995-1997 she worked at Mauritz Gulu as Program Officer. She then joined ACORD-Gulu in 1990-1995.

Education Background;

1981 Diploma in Education Diploma Makerere University

1990 Participatory Rural Development Certificate Certificate ACORD

1992 Social work Certificate in Development Studies Certificate UCAA/ACORD

1997 Certificate in Capacity Building for Elected Leaders Certificate FOWODE

2002 Bachelor of Development Studies Bachelors Degree Gulu University

2007 Certificate in Women and Public Policy Certificate Havard University


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