Mbonye predicted the controversial Sebutinde ruling


Twenty-five days before Julia Sebutinde's shocking stand against all the cases brought against Israel by South Africa in the International Court of Justice, Prophet Elvis Mbonye had foretold that Uganda would be the centre of attention regarding a matter concerning the international courts.

In a video clip published on his YouTube channel, Prophet Mbonye shares with his congregation that he had received a vision that depicted Uganda in the centre of a global storm concerning international courts.

“I began to see when there’s a lot of focus of some kind of indictments, some kind of international courts focused on this nation, and it’s strong and there’s a push and there’s a lot of intensity put in towards that, and that was still on this nation,” he says in the video.

Uganda would come under a lot of pressure because of Justice Sebutinde’s stand.

This is exactly what happened when on January 26, 2024, Judge Sebutinde issued a dissenting view at the International Court of Justice. South Africa had accused Israel of waging a genocidal war on its neighbour Palestine in retaliation to the October 7, 2023 attack by Hamas.

Sebutinde and Israel Aaron Barak were the only two judges of the 17-member court who had dissenting views to most of the ICJ’s ruling that sought to bring Israel to book for the way it has conducted its nearly two months total incursion in Gaza.

She argued that the roots of the conflict were historical and political and could not solely be resolved in a court of law.

In that revelation, Prophet Mbonye spoke passionately about the weight and pressure that would be upon Uganda. Indeed, Sebutinde attracted worldwide condemnation for her decision which many thought let Israel off the hook and permitted it to continue to wage war on Hamas and unarmed civilians in Gaza and all over Palestine.

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