Warafiki premier latest video, Tetubafanana

Warafiki premier latest video, Tetubafanana

New kids on the block and  Fenon entertainment signed artistes Warafiki premiered their latest video for their single Tetubafanana on Tuesday evening at the company offices in industrial area.

This was not an ordinary video premier as the label went full board, inviting an audience for this occasion.

Among the celebrities who came through included artistes Crysto Panda, Zuli Tumz, Levixone, deejay Fik and Jowy Landa among others who came to show support to the budding acts.

The premier was much more than just a video as the trio surprised their guests with a performance they never saw coming.

At 10pm, Eyla, Tori and Treezy took to the stage and put up a rather decent live performance that included covers of some artistes they said inspire them and their own.

They first performed A Pass’s Kiss before doing Oluvanyuma by Zuli Tumz who they invited on stage to be their vixen. They teased him while performing and you could clearly see his nervousness.

They later  performed their first song on the scene titled Bwekati and lastly Tetubafanana as the crowd cheered them on. With this reception, they redid the song, pulling off different dance strokes that excited the crowd.

When performances were done, the video was played twice on the screens before it was later uploaded on their YouTube channel.

With this done, the girls mixed with their fans and friends, taking pics and selfies while the rest enjoyed the drinks and different bites on the house.

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