ANT set foot soldiers scouring the grassroots for membership

ANT set foot soldiers scouring the grassroots for membership
ANT leaders speak to the press

The Alliance for National Transformation, ANT Spokesperson Gerald Karuhanga has revealed they will be traversing several parts of the country after the launch of grassroots mobilisation of party members yesterday

The launch of mobilisation took place in Bunyagabo, Tooro sub-region and Karuhanga says they will be heading to Bunyoro, Busoga, Karamojja, among other places

According to Karuhanga, their intention is to spread the political ideology of ANT ahead of the 2026 general elections

"This week we engaged a further gear and started on a launch which is basically a further kind of recruitment but also sharing of a message of what the party stands for and what we believe in," said Karuhanga.

ANT is led by Major-General Mugisha Muntu, who contested against President Museveni in the 2021 general elections.

Mr Muntu got just 67,574 votes and this campaign is looked at as a strategy to enrich citizens with the party political ideology

Karuhanga says their focus for now remains on engaging communities at grass root before launching the mass political rallies ahead of 2026 General elections.

"We are a party that is people focused," he added.

ANT will also use the opportunity to identify leaders who can hold the party flag for various positions in the general elections

Karuhanga said: "For now we are focused on community meetings as opposed to political rallies. Because it's a recruitment process and it needs a conversation, an engagement for people to ask questions and learn about the Party"

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