Low-key start to NRM registration in Kampala

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Low-key start to NRM registration in Kampala
Rose Namayanja registers a party member

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) members across the country kick-started the voter registration update on Wednesday, following President Museveni's recent launch of the campaign.

However, the first day witnessed low turn up in some areas, such as Kampala Central and Nakawa.

Late last month, President Museveni launched a campaign to renew the NRM register, in the exercise registrars remove the deceased, those who relocated, and also register new members including those 16 and 17 years who will be 18 by 2026.

The campaign, spanning from March 13 to 17, started this morning and is set to last for five days.

NRM Deputy Secretary General Rose Namayanja told journalists that the program is progressing smoothly nationwide.

"What we are doing right now is actually to remedy what happened last time, we all agree that there were issues with our register and the fact that we have decided to do it quiet early, what we are doing is also unprecedented," says Namayanja.

Namayanja highlighted that during the previous exercises, the party faced challenges, as some members were involved in violence and internal bickering leading to sharp differences and some members running as independents.

She assured that this time; measures are being taken seriously to avoid any chaos or scandals.

Namayanja commenced the campaign at Kagugube in Old Kampala, where she interacted with NRM supporters checking their names on the list, assuring them of a smooth process.

In some areas, turn up was very low, but registrars emphasize there is still time until the 17th; expressing hope that members will return to check their details.

As the election approaches, the NRM is actively refreshing its register, choosing to do so early to prevent the chaos and heat often experienced during the election period, leading candidates to resort to inappropriate actions to secure victory.

Salim Uhuru, NRM Kampala Central chairman, acknowledged the low turn up in Kampala Central but expressed optimism that more people will participate.

He emphasized the seriousness of their efforts to reclaim Kampala and the need for clean and unbiased register.

‘‘A clean register leads to clean elections, they problems we have been having are during our primaries, they were hotly contested with a lot of violence and at the end of the day we have been getting a lot of independents so this time we are assuring you we shall not accept any indiscipline,’’ says Uhuru.

Learning from past experiences where party members rejected the party and ran as independents, Uhuru rallied all NRM supporters to always support flag bearers.

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