ANT wants Parliament's powers trimmed

ANT wants Parliament's powers trimmed
Winnie Kiiza

The Alliance for National Transformation has called for the reduction of powers given to Parliament to reduce corruption, miss management and abuse of the office at the house

This follows an online parliament exhibition where there have been shocking revelations on parliament officials spend and earn themselves money.

However, the former Leader of Opposition in Parliament and national campaign manager for ANT, Winnie Kiiza, believes all this has to do with the laws which empower such institutions to allocate itself money.

"It's hard for an ordinary person to keep parliament in check because the constitution gives them powers to determine who gets how much," she said.

In a press conference held at their headquarters in Kampala, leadership of the opposition political party, ANT decried corruption that has taken over institutions like parliament which are meant to keep others in check.

These now propose that laws are revised to trim on powers given these institutions if the country is going to avoid what is happening in Parliament.

"We need to have constitutional reforms because this is the only way powers given to Parliament can be limited," said the former LoP

"We need to have a committee which determines who gets how much including all other Ugandans according to one's qualifications."

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