Cindy, King Michael, Abeeka Band to ignite Roast and Rhyme this Sunday

Cindy, King Michael, Abeeka Band to ignite Roast and Rhyme this Sunday
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Roast and Rhyme, Uganda's premium outdoor music and barbeque event will hold its 20th edition with a  stellar lineup  themed "Reggae Ragga Nyam Nyam." happening this Sunday, March, 3 at Jahazi Pier Munyonyo.

Attendees will be in for a treat as some of Uganda's finest musical talents grace the stage.

Headlining this unforgettable experience are renowned artists Cindy, King Micheal, Vyper Ranking, Abeeka Band, and Double Black as these dynamic performers are set to deliver electrifying performances, showcasing the best of reggae and ragga music against the breathtaking backdrop of the lakeside venue.

Roast and Rhyme has become synonymous with its unique blend of live music, mouthwatering barbeque, and vibrant picnic atmosphere, making it a must-attend event for music lovers and food enthusiasts alike.

The Reggae Ragga Nyam Nyam edition promises to elevate the festivities to new heights, offering attendees an unforgettable day of entertainment and culinary delights.

"We are thrilled to celebrate our 20th edition with an incredible lineup of talented artists," said Zakia Kulaboko, the head of events at Swangz Avenue.

“ This edition promises to be a memorable one, as we bring together the best of reggae and ragga music for our loyal fans to enjoy.”

The Organizers have prioritized the safety and comfort of attendees, promising maximum security measures throughout the event.

This commitment aims to create an environment where everyone can fully immerse themselves in the music, food, and communal spirit of #RoastAndRhyme.


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