Chameleone apologises for ’kissing brother’ at Gwanga Mujje


Singer Joseph Mayanja alias Jose Chameleone has apologised to Ugandans for kissing his brother Douglas Mayanja alias Weasel at his ‘Gwanga Mujje’ concert.

Last week, the singer appeared embracing and kissing Weasel as the two singers shared stage at his much anticipated concert held at Lugogo.

However, their interaction left some Ugandans especially on social media unamused, with some suggesting that the singing brothers behaved indecently by kissing each other.

Following the backlash, Chameleone has taken to social media to apologise to his fans and all Ugandans who were offended by the kissing incident.

The Kigwa Leero singer stated that he kissed his brother out of excitement, following the success of his concert.

”I wish to use this opportunity to apologise to my fans, friends...I know most of my friends are really offended and didn’t carry it lightly. I sincerely was just too much energy, excitement. I actually regret it. The energy was just too high and it was a wrong way to share it with Weasel, my brother, and I also apologise on behalf of him. Thank you so much for accepting my apology.” Chameleone posted.

His apology comes hours after pastor Martin Ssempa of Makerere Community Church demanded Chameleone to apologise publicly for the kissing incident.

The pastor said he had found the two brothers’ kissing acts morally offensive and wanted police to investigate the issue.

“So, we’re asking police to investigate this issue. Why is he kissing his brother, why are they dancing like a man and woman? Children are watching this all over the country on social media,” Ssempa said on Tuesday.

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