Mubende Land Dispute: District Chairman and RDC Clash

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Mubende Land Dispute: District Chairman and RDC Clash
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Residents of Butoloogo and Kiruuma sub-counties in Mubende district are up in arms after the National Forestry Authority (NFA) opened the boundaries of the Kanangaalo Forest Reserve. This resulted in the loss of land for many residents holding bibanja (customary land tenure).

Seeking Help from the District Chairperson

Led by Josephine Namirembe, a resident, the affected people approached the district chairperson, Ntambi Micheal, for help. They expressed hope that their concerns would be addressed.

District Chairperson Blames RDC for Land Grabbing

Ntambi pledged to fight for the rights of the residents. He accused the Mubende Resident District Commissioner (RDC), Al Hajji Lule Umar Mawiya, of land grabbing in collaboration with NFA. Ntambi claimed that the RDC offered him a bribe of 20 acres of land to approve the boundary opening, which he refused.

Ntambi further alleged that the RDC held unauthorized village meetings to convince locals about the boundary opening, implying a hidden agenda to benefit NFA. He demanded that the RDC stay out of land matters, accusing him of lacking knowledge and causing trouble for local leaders.

Ntambi Takes Action

Ntambi assured the residents that he had already informed the Minister for Presidency, Milly Babalanda, and the Minister for Lands, Judith Nabakooba, about the issue. He promised a meeting between the locals and the Lands Minister soon.

RDC Denies Allegations, Accuses Chairperson of Lying

The RDC, Mawiya, refuted all accusations. He claimed the district chairperson was not truthful and should focus on speaking facts. Mawiya insisted that Ntambi was aware of the boundary opening process and even attended some stakeholder meetings.

Mawiya defended his role, stating that the President's office requires honesty and his duty is to serve the people. He denied any conspiracy with NFA and asserted that the purpose of the boundary opening is simply for NFA to know the extent of their land.

RDC Assures Residents, Questions Chairperson's Motives

Mawiya assured the residents that they wouldn't be evicted from their bibanja. He emphasized the need for them to follow regulations regarding living on protected forest land. He urged them to remain calm and maintain peace.

Mawiya concluded by questioning Ntambi's motives. He pointed out that the chairperson had previously thanked the RDC's office for fighting land grabbing in the district. Mawiya considered Ntambi's accusations a betrayal and vowed to continue his duties as directed by the President.

The Dispute Continues

The disagreement between the RDC and the district chairperson creates uncertainty for the residents. With both leaders offering conflicting information, it remains unclear how this land dispute will be resolved.

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