Uganda Chamber of Commerce calls for dialogue to resolve EFRIS dispute

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Uganda Chamber of Commerce calls for dialogue to resolve EFRIS dispute
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By Siraje Kiberu

The Uganda National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (UNCCI) has called for collaborative dialogue between traders and the government to address concerns surrounding the Electronic Receipting and Invoicing System (EFRIS).

The appeal comes in the wake of protests by traders who claim the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) has not provided adequate information on how to use the system.

EFRIS, designed to enhance tax compliance, has faced resistance from business owners who argue that its implementation has been marred by poor communication.

The recent protests have highlighted the tension between traders and the government, prompting the UNCCI's call for a roundtable discussion to bridge the communication gap.

George Inholo, director of UNCCI, emphasized the need for a better communication strategy.

"There's a significant gap between traders and the government regarding EFRIS. This gap has caused confusion and frustration among the business community," he said.

"We believe that open dialogue can help address these concerns and ensure a smoother implementation of the system."

Stephen Kalibbala, Vice President of UNCCI, echoed this sentiment, stressing the importance of a cooperative approach.

"A roundtable discussion between traders and URA is essential to resolve the issue," he stated.

"It's crucial for the government to listen to the concerns of traders and work together to find a solution that benefits all parties."

Traders have complained that URA's sensitization efforts have been insufficient, leading to a lack of understanding of how EFRIS operates.

This has resulted in resistance to the system and calls for a delay in its implementation.

The UNCCI believes that by fostering communication and cooperation, the government and traders can reach a consensus on EFRIS, ensuring that the system achieves its intended goals without placing undue burden on businesses.

The chamber has offered to mediate discussions between the parties to facilitate a constructive dialogue

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