UWEC doubles entrance fee at Entebbe Zoo

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UWEC doubles entrance fee at Entebbe Zoo
Peacock at the zoo in Entebbe will now belong to both agencies

TOURISM | The Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC) has announced an increase in entrance fees at the Entebbe Zoo in Wakiso district.

The authorities stated that this move aims to increase gate collections by Shs2 billion per year, which will improve service delivery at the country's prestigious zoo.

“Effective July 1st 2024, the Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education Centre (UWEC) will be adjusting its entry fees to enhance visitor experience and support animal welfare efforts,” said Executive Director of UWEC James Musinguzi on Wednesday.

According to him, the revisions to the entry fees are aimed at ensuring the continued care of UWEC's diverse animal species, while also improving the overall experience of visitors.

He explained that the decision to adjust the fees was not an easy one, but it was necessary due to the changing costs of animal food, fuel, and other overheads.

Dr James Musinguzi, executive director of UWEC

"People should put this into perspective in terms of the feeds. We need to run the Centre effectively, so when we talk about increasing fees we are aiming at providing a better service that is appealing to our clients in a safe environment and that's because we are members of the Pan African Zoo Association and World Zoo Association, so we must follow those standards," he said.

Adding that “these adjustments reflect UWEC’s commitment to providing exceptional care for animals, maintaining a world-class facility, and supporting vital conservation education initiatives.”

It is worth noting that UWEC has not increased entry fees for Ugandan and East African visitors in over 10 years. The rates for international visitors have been adjusted in the past, both before and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the new rate charge, all African adults will be required to pay Shs20,000 for entrance from Shs10,000, while citizen children will pay Shs5,000 from Shs3,000.

School groups will also pay Shs8,000 from Shs4,000 per student.

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