Muslims to celebrate Eid on Wednesday

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Muslims to celebrate Eid on Wednesday
The crescent moon of Shawwal

Tuesday will mark the final day of the Holy Month of Ramadan

The Muslim community in Uganda will officially celebrate Eid al-Fitr on Wednesday, April 10, the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council (UMSC) has announced.

The council has confirmed that the crescent moon of Shawwal has not been sighted in the country, indicating that the new moon is expected to be born on Tuesday, April 9.

Consequently, Tuesday will mark the final day of the Holy Month of Ramadan.

"I would like to inform the Muslim fraternity and the wider public in Uganda that the new moon has not been sighted this evening. Therefore, Eid al-Fitr will be celebrated on Wednesday, April 10," said Sheikh Ziyad Swaleh Lubanga, director of Sharia at UMSC.

National prayers at Gaddafi Mosque will commence at 8 am and will be led by Sheikh Ramadhan Mubaje, the Mufti of Uganda.

According to Islamic tradition, the sighting of the new moon signifies the beginning of Shawwal, the month following Ramadan, and marks the commencement of Eid al-Fitr.

Preparations are already underway as families and communities gear up to commemorate this day. Mosques and prayer grounds are expected to welcome worshipers for special Eid prayers.

In larger cities like Kampala, there are often large congregational prayers held in parks or stadiums to accommodate the larger Muslim population.

Following the prayer, families and friends often gather for communal meals and celebrations.

This includes visiting each other's homes, hosting parties, or attending community events organized by local mosques or Islamic centers.

It is customary for families to exchange gifts, particularly for children.

Parents often provide their children with new clothes and toys, and relatives may also exchange gifts as a gesture of goodwill and affection.

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