NSSF to challenge order to recall its Lubowa land title

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NSSF to challenge order to recall its Lubowa land title
NSSF boss Ayota

The National Social Security Fund has said it is going to challenge an order by the acting commission for land registration, Baker Mugaino to recall one of the Fund’s title on its land in Lubowa.

 Mugaino on April, 22, 2024 issued an order to recall one of the titles arising out of a hearing to establish double titling by seven  plots of land created by Wakiso District Lands Office.

In a statement on Thursday, NSSF Managing Director, Patrick Ayota  said they are challenging the decision to issue the order since the acting commissioner didn’t consider a detailed explanation submitted to him at a public hearing by the Wakiso District Land Board in which the land board distanced themselves from having issued the seven  certificates of title overlaid on NSSF’s land.

“In addition, the surveys and administrative errors identified by the acting  Commissioner, Land Registration, can and should be handled administratively by the acting commissioner within his powers to manage the land register as set out in the law,” NSSF Managing Director, Patrick Ayota said .

He noted that the proposal by the acting commissioner for NSSF to explore “an amicable settlement” with the complainants to acquire the land in dispute is one that they cant entertain.

“We categorically distance ourselves from such a proposal because the Fund cannot enter negotiations to acquire land that it already owns, Wakiso District Land Board has disowned, is in full possession of, and holds valid titles issued as far back as 2003,” Ayota said.

He however reassured the public, NSSF members and stakeholders that the order for the rectification by the acting commission for land registration affects only one title out of the 100 held by the Fund and covers an area of 13% of the total land owned by the Fund.

“The ongoing real estate developments are not affected by the order issued by the acting commissioner, contrary to the misleading reports circulating on social media. NSSF will continue to use all legal means available to preserve its legal ownership and possession of the land at Lubowa and bring to book all perpetrators involved in any activities to perpetrate fraud against the Fund’s ownership,” Ayota said.

“We reassure our members that the Fund is the registered proprietor of approximately 600 acres of freehold land in the Lubowa area parceled out in 109 separate certificates of title. All original titles are registered in the names of the Fund. Any other claim on this land is fraudulent and amounts to trespass.”

Ayota noted that NSSF will use alllegal means available to institute criminal proceedings against those involved in “these land grabbing activities.”



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