ANT Party Speaks out on Militarization of Cabinet and having First Son as CDF

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ANT Party Speaks out on Militarization of Cabinet and having First Son as CDF
Gen Muhoozi

The Alliance for National Transformation Party has criticised President Museveni for militarising the Cabinet and appointing his son as Chief of Defence Forces.

During their press conference led by Party Spokesperson, Gerald Karuhanga and Kassiano Wadri at the party headquarters in Bukoto, Kampala, the party further rallied Ugandans to reflect on how to pick Uganda from pieces after the Museveni Era.

"How Prepared are Ugandans to pick the pieces of this country and move forward? Museveni's militarisation of the cabinet is something to worry about," said Kassiano Wadiri.

Furthermore, Alliance for National Transformation questions Muhoozi's capacity to fight corruption while he and his disciples have already exhibited tendencies of corruption through throwing birthday fetes.

"Muhoozi is a military officer. He has a salary like others. Is his salary able to cover all the birthday bashes he's been holding across regions? What's his genuine source of money? Where will the nation head for with this man's extravagance?" asked Wadri.

According to the Party's Spokesperson, Gerald Karuhanga, the nation needs to wake up to how parliament has failed in its role to emphasise the rule of law.

"Government is currently infiltrated by the Mugaati seekers and opportunistic opulent business makers whose egos are only on usage of money," said Gerald Karuhanga.

The Party also rebuked the new cabinet appointed by President Museveni which contravenes his plan of cutting administrative overhead costs.

"This cabinet is coming at a time when the government is trying to cut down costs of 83 men and women who comprise a bloated cabinet through administrative overhead costs, but the appointments go against his former principal," said Wadiri.

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