Dokolo Prepares for By-Election: Local Issues Take Center Stage

Dokolo Prepares for By-Election: Local Issues Take Center Stage
Rosemary Alwoch Ogwal of FDC

Dokolo District readies itself for a by-election to fill the vacant seat of District Woman Member of Parliament. As the campaign season nears, local concerns like infrastructure development, healthcare access, and education quality take centre stage, influencing voters' decisions and candidate strategies.

Residents prioritize addressing issues like poor roads, and bridges, lack of electricity, inadequate medical facilities, and the need for better learning environments and teacher training.

The political landscape sees the FDC emphasizing addressing community needs, the NRM acknowledging diverse political dynamics and focusing on voter engagement, and individual candidates from FDC, UPC, and an independent vying for support by pledging to tackle local challenges.

Voters, like Geoffrey Ogweng, emphasize prioritizing constituents' well-being over political rhetoric, while officials like Rashid Eton urge candidates to maintain civility and constructive discourse during the campaign.

With nominations set for March 11th, the upcoming campaign period will be pivotal in determining Dokolo's future direction. The by-election outcome is keenly awaited, as it holds significant influence over the district's trajectory.

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