New Formation members will come mostly from NRM – Muntu

Nelson Bwire Kapo

Former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party president and founder of the New Formation movement Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu, has hinted that the public is in for a great shock at who will comprise his new party.

Muntu who broke away from FDC party along side former party President in Eastern Region, Alice Alaso maintained that his target of followers is not within FDC, and people who think so are in for a serious shock.

The former army commander was responding to questions during the NBS TV morning breeze on Monday.

According to Muntu, the focus of New Formation movement is on those that have withdrawn from politics due to skepticism.

“Those who believe in honesty, integrity and transparency don’t want to venture in politics, that’s a big challenge, doing things in a way that attracts them to build a critical number that is needed to sustain a political organisation on the right track,” Muntu said.

“People would be shocked when they recognise that the majority are going to be those who have left politics.  We must focus on the 42% who have withdrawn from politics, those who don’t vote. The biggest chunk will come from that 42% and from the Movement (NRM).”

Muntu however refused to point out specific people he intends to sway from the Movement.

“Let us not go into numbers. If we sit on this table one year from now, I wont be the one giving numbers, you will be.”

He also said that his immediate aim is not to shoot for presidency through the party but to build long term structures able to sustain the party and raise leaders through the ranks.

“That is a problem we shall not be trapped into; we must build a party focusing on the long term. Short term is to build a long term organisation around people who think alike, brand ourselves to be attractive, build capabilities etc. Build ground, have strength on the ground, once this is done strategise and ensure that the capabilities you have can bring you flag bearers, and enable them to take power.”

“I have ambitions for the presidency that is why I run as a flag bearer in FDC.

I would want to stand in 2021,” he added.



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