Minister Namuganza lashes out at Bamugemereire’s probe, says it is a waste of taxpayers’ money

Edris Kiggundu

Edris Kiggundu

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The State Minister for Lands, Persis Namuganza yesterday complained that the Catherine Bamugemereire led land committee had turned into a platform of witch-hunt especially for politicians.

Speaking to journalists after she had appeared before the probe, she said the probe “disrespects people” and has outlived its usefulness.

Earlier in the probe, the minister had been quizzed about a case involving a disputed piece of land in Mubende District.

She said the complainants asked President Museveni for government to buy the land so that they can settle peacefully and register able ownership as well as prevailing upon the armed personnel who were being used to evict people.

Accused of misleading the president by presenting incompetent cases, the minister said: “I cannot stop the President from meeting people.”

Below is a full transcript of what she told journalists after she had been quizzed

“The committee is unfair. They are now involving themselves in matters that are not part of their mandate. The other day I saw them going to Kikuubo because someone had blocked a road. I thought that is KCCA work.

I think part of the reason why they are jumping from one issue to another is because the probe has stayed on for long. They now take it as a job.

They have been saying that ministers disrespect the committee and they want to summon the prime minister to explain why but it is the president who appoints the ministers. He is also the one who appointed the commissioners. Why don’t they write to him?”

“They think they are very important but in my view they should move cautiously. They summon people and treat them like dogs. Some us are ministers. Even if we make mistakes, we should be treated well. They want to shut us up.”

“I am ready to go to prison but for me I will continue talking.

They get a lot of money. I hear some get Shs 52 million yet us ministers get Shs 6 million per month. But even with this money they have failed to solve the land issues. They are just posturing. Why are we wasting taxpayer’s money on the probe?”

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