Lord Mayor Lukwago asks police to beef up his security over death threats

Kenneth Kazibwe
Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago has written to the Inspector General of Police, Martin Okoth Ochola, requesting him to beef up his security over threats to his life.
A man identified as Titus Sseruga who usually posts security related issues on his facebook wall last week alleged that some assassins had crossed into the country to kill an opposition politician, sending fear into many.
A few days later, in a June 27 letter, Lukwago through Elvis Kintu, his personal assistant wrote to the IGP asking to have his security beefed up for his own safety.
“As the country continues to witness assassinations, we have received threats via social media particularly from facebook,”Lukwago said in the letter.
“The purpose of this letter is to entreat your office to accordingly scrutinize and investigate the contentions therein and most importantly boost the Lord Mayor’s security immediately.”
In the letter to the police boss, Lukwago says he cannot take the ‘terrorizations’ for granted but contemplate about them as stern warnings.
“I don’t want to take it lightly because we are in a dangerous situation.”
The letter was copied to the minister of Security, KCCA Executive Director and KMP Commander among other officials.
Deputy police spokesperson Patrick Onyango confirmed the letter  has been received by Ochola and said Lukwago’s request would be worked upon.
“In a few days, we shall increase his security,”Onyango said.
He also noted that the police boss had ordered the Criminal Investigations Division to investigate the claims of threats on Lukwago’s life.
A number of prominent people have in the past two years been killed in a gruesome manner by unknown assailants moving on motorcycles who later vanish  into thin air.
The latest assassination was the one of Arua Municipality MP Col.Ibrahim Abiriga who was shot dead together with his bodyguard, Saidi Kongo by unknown assailants as they returned home in Kawanda Wakiso district on June 8.
The spate of assassinations has caused fear among a number of legislators prompting President Museveni to reportedly order that some of them be given military guards after it was reported that police guards had abandoned them.
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