Museveni furious, sad over unending murders, kidnaps

Kenneth Kazibwe

Kenneth Kazibwe

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President Museveni has said he is irked by the continuous spate of incidents of insecurity in various part of the country.

Following the kidnap and murder of Susan Magara, 28 in February, a number of kidnaps have happened in various parts of the county since the beginning of the year.

Meanwhile, there have been a number of murders in the past few years, the latest being the gruesome assassination of Arua Municipality Member of Parliament, Col.Ibrahim Abiriga killed as he returned home together with his bodyguard on Friday in Matugga, Wakiso district.

Members of the public have since come out to express concern over the fluid security in the country which have left them on tenterhooks.

Speaking during the reading of the budget at Serena hotel in Kampala on Thursday, Museveni said it was a great concern that such skirmishes of insecurity were still happening around the country but said he would bring them to an end.

“I know people are very sad, angry and worried. For me I am very angry, sad but confident we shall get these pigs,”Museveni noted.

Insists on pigs
The tough talking Museveni insisted that the people who kill “our people” are pigs who he said don’t know the value of life.

With fury seen all over his face, the president defended himself on calling the killers pigs, saying it is because they deserve to be called so for their behavior.

“This is a biblical statement, it’s from Jesus, He said it in Mathew7:6. Pigs don’t appreciate the value of gold. You would rather give it to worms. We have dealt with pigs before and these ones are very small.”

Abiriga murder
Museveni said he would crush the ‘pigs’ involved in the gruesome assassination of NRM legislator Col. Ibrahim Abiriga last week.

Reiterating how he started the bush war with only 27 guns but overthrew government, Museveni vowed that security agencies would leave no stone unturned in getting the killers of Abiriga.

“By the end of the day, all those involved will be exposed and crushed, we shall crush them.”

Takes swipe at Police, Judiciary

The furious commander in chief did not spare the police and the judiciary whom he accused of releasing criminals especially those involved in murder.

He said that it is wrong for police and courts of law to release on bond and bail respectively to criminals like murders, a thing he said he would not accept.

“A person suspected of killing our people and you give him bond! No way. There are things I am not going to accept. I am not going to accept police bond, bail for killers is not acceptable,”Museveni vowed.

Emphasising that he stands in capacity as the president and leader of the National Resistance Movement, Museveni said he could not tolerate any form of insecurity.

He noted that he would address parliament and the entire nation about the state of security in the country.

MPs react to Museveni’s statements

A number of Members of Parliament reacted to Museveni’s remarks in regards to bail and bond for murder suspects.

Manjiya County legislator, John Baptist Nambeshe said it was wrong for the president to make such ‘disparaging’ remarks.

“We are all emotional but he (Museveni) was too emotional. Going by his remarks, it was not expected of someone who has led government for over 30 years,”Nambeshe told the Nile Post.

“He should know that one of the principals of good governance is constitutionalism and this emphasises that a suspect is presumed innocent until proven guilty.”

Nambeshe urged the president to desist from similar remarks in the future.

However, West Budama County South MP Jackson Oboth Oboth defended the president on his remarks regarding granting bond and bail to suspects.

“He (Museveni) spoke as a person who is disappointed seeing his people being kidnaped and killed,”Oboth Oboth said.

He however noted that Museveni is aware of the procedure of changing any law other than making orders.

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