Police warn of 2010 bomb blasts repeat as World Cup kicks off

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By Salmah Namwanje and Kenneth Kazibwe

Police have warned the public to be vigilant as the World Cup kicks off today in Russia.Addressing journalists at the police headquarters on Wednesday, Kampala Metropolitan police commander Moses Kafeero asked the public to adhere to a number of security guidelines which he said would help keep them safe through the tournament.

“Because of the World Cup, there will be intense activity, frustration and excitement but these should not derail us from keeping our guard. We need to remain vigilant,”Kafeero told journalists.

He said that during such moments, criminals could take advantage of the laxity and do harm to the public, a thing he said should not be left to happen.

2010 bombs
On July 11 twin blasts at the Kyandondo rugby grounds and Ethiopian restaurant in Kabalagala killed over 70 people who were watching the 2010 World Cup finals between Netherlands and Spain.

However, according to David Wasswa, the head of the police counter terrorism technical services, terrorists tend to mark certain dates with a repeat of what happened in the past.

“They enjoy making history by attacking countries and places they in the past attacked. They so much want to use the same occasion to cause harm,”Wasswa said.

“We don’t want the happenings of 2010 to occur again as we watch the world cup.”

The Kampala Metropolitan police commander asked that football matches should be watched in enclosed or protected premises whose crowd can easily be controlled.

“The place should have one common entrance, manned with officers to check whoever is entering,”Kafeero urged.

He advised that these places should have at least two exit points to be used in case of any emergencies to avoid crowding one entrance.

Kafeero said the police would be inspecting and clearing a number of places that would be used to relay world cup games in a bid to ensure they adhere to security guidelines.

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