Woman fakes kidnap to cheat with new lover at Serena hotel, returns days later, arrested

Nelson Bwire Kapo

Police in Kampala are holding a one Margret Namukose for allegedly giving false information after claiming she had been kidnapped, raped and dumped in a forest only for details to emerge later, she was “enjoying life” with a new lover at Serena hotel in Kampala.

 Namukose on June 7, told her husband that she was scheduled to attend a school meeting at Kasangati. However, in the evening of the same day she went missing and her phone was switched off.

Namukose’s phone would later turn back on and she called her husband to tell him she had been kidnapped, raped and dumped in a certain forest. On receiving the call, Namukose’s husband ran to Kyebando police post to report the matter.

 Police started tracing her phone but all leads located her in Kampala central. A day later, Namukose resurfaced and was dragged to Police by her husband.

Once interrogated, Namukose swore she had been kidnapped but her tactics ensured she freed her self and sprinted from the scene. She said that her first thought was to run to the clinic, where she sought medical check up and treatment.

Police then took Namukose to the clinic she claimed, alas, there was no record of her visit. On further interrogation, she confessed there was never a kidnap or rape but rather a fruitful and peaceful weekend spent away with a new lover at Serena Hotel.

Namukose is currently detained at Kira Road Police Station and is to be arraigned before courts of law on charges of giving false information.

Her arrest comes at a time when the country is on high alert following a spate of such crimes targeting girls and women who have been reported kidnapped, only to surface dead in some cases.

“Namukose wasted police time and resources where about 30 police were involved in the search, because as soon as the husband reported the matter, they leapt into action because of the many cases involving the kidnapping, rape and murder of women that have been reported lately,” a statement from Kampala Metropolitan Police reads.

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