Government hospitals to serve only those with national IDs

Nelson Bwire Kapo

Government through the Ministry of Health is in the process of streamlining service delivery at all hospitals which will see only those in possession of a national Identity Card receive treatment or medical attention.

In the new process, even pharmacies will dispense drugs pre-requisite to holding the national ID.

Speaking to Nile Post on Tuesday, Ministry of Health communications manager, Vivian Sserwanja confirmed the new developments, saying the process is aimed at ensuring accountability.

“It is a mechanism in the pipeline to enhance accountability, capturing patient details for easy follow up and better service delivery,” she said.

According to the ministry, dependants will be attended using the ID of the parents or caretakers.

Ms Sserwanja says that the system will be put in place after several considerations owing to the fact that national ID registration was not done 100 per cent.

“The public shall be given ample time, and the timeframes shall be communicated.

Before effecting the mechanism, the Ministry shall ensure that all possible gaps are closed, as the ultimate intent is to better service delivery,” she said.

The National Identity Card has become prerequisite to recieving most services in the country at the moment, the latest being registration, replacement or buying SIM Cards.

Government institutions have also insisted on paying salaries to workers and service providers on condition that one holds a national ID.

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