Seven girls rescued during Usafi mosque raid are pregnant- Police

Kenneth Kazibwe

Kenneth Kazibwe

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Police have said seven of the 94 children rescued during the raid on Usafi Mosque recently have been confirmed pregnant.

Two weeks ago, a joint security operation involving police and CMI in pursuit of a suspect in the Susan Magara led to the invasion of Usafi Mosque in which they were involved in a scuffle that allegedly led to death of two people who tried to attack security operatives.

A number of people were later arrested whereas a number of women and girls were rescued from captivity in the mosque.

However, according to deputy police spokesperson Patrick Onyango, said that among the people rescued from Usafi mosque included 28 women plus young girls and boys among which are Burundian nationals.

“Seven girls were found to be at various stages of pregnancy. Sadly, eleven of the girls of age bracket 13 to 15 years of age have complained and it has been confirmed that they were defiled by some of the suspects,” Onyango said in a statement.

He explained that medical experts have also carried out examinations that found out that some of the children are very sick and are currently receiving treatment from various medical centres.

According to the deputy police mouthpiece, they are looking for the families of the children so as to reunite them with their respective parents.


Police also notes that during interrogation of the suspects, a lot of information was revealed to the investigators prompting them to widen the investigations with an aim of arresting more suspects.

“The possible charges now include but not limited to kidnap with intent to demand ransom, murder, defilement, human trafficking, sexual violence and others,”Onyango said.

“Some of the suspects now in custody have participated in defiling some of these rescued children, trafficked and sexually violated others.”

The Minister for Internal Affairs Gen.Jeje Odongo recently told journalists that one of the key suspects in the kidnap and subsequent murder of Susan Magara was among those arrested from the mosque.

The Nile Post has since separately learnt that a number of people including  city lawyer Muzamil Bikanga have been arrested following the raid on Usafi Mosque.

The police mouthpiece said the suspects in their custody have led investigators to various scenes where the plans to kidnap and murder Magara were hatched and later executed.

“Several exhibits have been recovered from scenes. We are working around the clock to ensure that factors remaining equal, the suspects appear in court by the end of this week,” he said.

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