Cement prices drop to Shs 28,000 per bag

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After close to two months trading at Shs 50,000 per bag, cement prices have gone down stabilising at Shs 28,000 per bag at the moment.

The development follows a statement by Trade and Industry minister Amelia Kyambadde who warned cement manufacturers that government would allow importation of cheap cement.

Early last month, the country experienced a drastic rise in the price of cement with a bag rising to Shs 50,000 from Shs 28,0000.

The manufacturers blamed it on high price of inputs and raw materials that mainly are imported.

Later government promised to allow importation of cheaper cement if the situation did not normalize.

It appears the manufacturers have taken heed of government’s warning and reduced the prices to Shs 28,000.

This has brought relief to many people including John Obilo a resident of Paya village in Tororo district who had suspended his construction project because of the high cement prices.

Obilo was not the only one affected by the hike in cement prices.

Dealers like Ben Ambasada explain that they registered a drop in their sales from 200 bags to just 15 bags a day because consumers couldn’t afford the price.

With the price back to normal, Ambasada and many other dealers say their daily sales have shot up.

“We can now make some money because customers have been scarce due to the high prices,” Ambasada said.


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