VIDEO: President Museveni Grills Bugiri LC 5 Chairman Over Road Unit Misuse

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President Yoweri Museveni has upbraided Bugiri district officials for hiring out the district road equipment to private individuals, yet the roads in the district are in bad state.

President Museveni’s tough talk to the district officials was prompted by reports from angry residents who informed him that government equipment was being used for private profit.

Residents informed President Museveni that roads in the area had become impassable due to the heavy rains making it difficult for them to take their produce to the market.

They complained that while Bugiri district had been given road repair equipment, officials were hiring it out to rich individuals and pocketing the money.

The report was made to President Museveni during a working visit to the district over the weekend.

Residents who had gathered to listen to the president kept on interrupting his speech to complain about the shocking state of their roads, among other poorly delivered services.

President Museveni then stopped his speech and asked a member of the public to inform on the concerns of the residents.

“Mr. President despite the fact that you gave each district a fully-fledged road unit but here in Bugiri we are still suffering with impassable roads just because the district officials connive to hire the equipment to private individuals,” a concerned resident told President Museveni.

President Museveni then summoned the LC.5 Chairman of Bugiri District Marijani Azalwa to respond to the people’s complaints.

Azalwa explained that, “”Your excellence this district is too big that’s why some locals don’t feel service delivery but we are trying to optimize the road equipment we got.”

Azalwa’s explanation attracted heckles and boos from the dissatisfied crowd.

President Museveni then warned the officials against mismanagement of public resources as this adversely affects government programmes.

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