Kangole bridge washed away by rains, Karamoja cut off, residents stranded

Nelson Bwire Kapo

Nelson Bwire Kapo

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The Kangole bridge diversion connecting Teso region to Karamoja region in Napaka district has been washed away.

According to authorities, the bridge was washed away after heavy rains flooded  Ominiman river, rendering the road inaccessible to traders and residents.

“The bridge of Kangole has been washed by rains, the whole bridge was removed then we had a temporary measure but it has also been washed away. All the busses are stuck, some have come back to Kampala, people cannot cross either way, people now will only eat sorghum. Karamoja is cut off now, we cannot get supplies,” Terence Achia, MP Bakora County said.

Uganda National Roads Authority confirms the bridge has been washed away but has diverted traffic to Kangole-Lorengedwat Feeder Road while actions to restore diversion is underway.

“Adequate safety measure and flagpersons and signed with security set at all points. Radio announcements are being run to warn and update travellers. Local leadership engaged on ongoing interventions,” a statement from UNRA reads.

Authorities in Napak have time again expressed concern over the state of the bridge, saying that it cannot stand the test of bad weather as it would curve in in the first weeks of constant rains.

The Kangole main bridge passes through Omaniman river, one of the longest and fast running rivers in Karamoja region.

Three accidents have so far happened at the bridge, according to the LCV chairman Napak, Joseph Lomonyang.  The first vehicle to veer off the bridge was a food truck belonging to the  UN World Food Program-WFP in May last year,  followed by two Chinese trucks. One of the Chinese trucks almost fell in the river t after part of the bridge broke away. The bridge was constructed in 1954.

The continuous wearing away of the bridge has forced some vehicles especially heavy trucks to abandon the road.





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