Simcard replacements to be possible Monday- UCC

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The National Identification and Registration Authority (NIRA) has handed over 50 card readers to Uganda Communication Commission (UCC) to aid in the process of simcard replacements and swaps.

UCC acting Executive Director, Fred Otunnu, says they are aware of frustrations Ugandans have been undergoing after the commission stopped the sale and swap of simcards two weeks ago

This comes after a directive from UCC stopping the sell, swap and replacement of simcards by all telecom companies.

Mr Otunnu assured Ugandans that 98 percent of the final phase that will ensure that they have their simcards replaced is complete.

The application program interface, which will integrate systems from telecoms through UCC into NIRA database, will enable real time verification to empower the licensees with simcard authencity.

“The team is working tirelessly so that by Monday Ugandans can go to telecoms not NIRA or UCC to replace their simcards,” Otunnu said.

During the handover ceremony of 50 card readers lent to Uganda communications commission for a period of 30 days, Judy Obitre Gama the executive director NIRA said Ugandans do not have to flock NIRA offices for verification of the NIN.

She said that rather than people picking letters and presenting them to telecoms, the card readers will ascertain authenticity of subscribers’ NINs.

Those that seek to replace their simcards however have been warned to be vigilant in face of many fake NIN, although security checks have been installed onto the national identity to make it extremely hard to forge.

They include; the naked eye, card readers, security UV filters, optical valuable ink among others.

This is considered to be the most secure verification method to Uganda’s key identification document, for now simcard replacement will be limited to few designated points to be communicated by telecoms and UCC.


By Victoria Bagaaya

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