Mowzey Radio’s cars go missing

Nelson Bwire Kapo

The family of slain singer Moses Ssekibogo alias Mowzey Radio is looking for two cars that belonged to the deceased.

According to the family, the singer owned a fleet of cars among which was a Mercedes Benz ML and a Jeep, but they are missing ever since his death.

The Tambula Nange singer is said to have given the cars to his close friends for tentative use, however, from the time of his death, none of the colleagues has tendered in the cars.

The family now says they will drag to police whoever is found with the said cars.

Mowzey Radio died on February 1 following a bar brawl that left him injured to the brain. However, ever since his death, his family has been bothered by all sorts of wrangles, from property to condolence collections.

Before his burial, it was alleged that condolence money collected at the vigil in Kololo was stolen after the box in which it had been kept was broken.

His elder brother Frank Ssekibogo would later tell journalists that indeed, the condolence money was no where to be seen.

Days after Radio’s burial, his mother Jane Kasubo started receiving threatening messages asking her to vacate Radio’s grave from where it was placed and also share the property of the deceased with certain people or risk death.

It took the intervention of Police to grant her security to avert the threats from becoming reality.

It should also be noted that the singer, his partner Weasel and their former manager Jeff Kiwa had never resolved the wrangle involving their Nverland House in Makindye and the Land in Nakawuka.

Jeff Kiwa claims he has shares on the property. But appearing on televised interview yesterday, Weasel refuted claims by Jeff Kiwa, saying all property belongs to Radio and himself.

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