Stay away from Saudi Arabia shows, Ykee Benda cautions Ugandan musicians

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Stay away from Saudi Arabia shows, Ykee Benda cautions Ugandan musicians
Singer Ykee Benda

Singer Wycliff Tugume, alias Ykee Benda, has cautioned his fellow Ugandan musicians against performing in Saudi Arabia.

Benda, was reacting to the recent reported arrest of dancehall artist, Fik Gaza.

Reports have suggested that Gaza was arrested by Saudi authorities this week shortly after landing in the country. Reasons for his alleged arrest remain unknown.

On Tuesday, Ykee Benda took to his social media platforms and urged Ugandan artists to stay away from show bookings in the Asian country.

“My message is that if they (promoters) have called or booked you, or if you have plans of performing in Saudi Arabia, cancel them,” Benda said.

Recently, there having been growing concerns among ugandan artists over “unfair” arrests on them by Saudi authorities.

In his message, Benda blames the arrests on ‘jealous’ Ugandan promoters based in Saudi, whom he says have resorted to scuffles instead of uniting and working together.

“It has happened to me before. I warn my fellow artists to stay away from those promoters’ scuffles because once you get arrested in Saudi, it’s a complicated country. If these promoters give you their money, cancel and give them back their money,” Benda said.

Not long ago, dancehall artist, Beenie Gunter was detained in Dubai as he made his way to the airport to return to Uganda.

It is said he had been arrested over scuffle with promoters.

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