Police issues tight public broadcasting guidelines ahead of World Cup finals

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Eight years ago, on a day like this, Ugandans woke up to shocking news and  grief.

Sorrow and pain filled the air as 74 football fanatics were blasted to pieces following the twin bombing at Kyadondo Rugby Grounds in Lugogo and Kabalagala's Ethiopian Village as they were lost in the excitement of the FIFA World Cup final between Spain and Holland on the night of 11th July 2010 around 10:25pm.

Al-Shabab, which is an Islamist terrorist military group based in Somalia with ties in Al-Qaeda, would later claim responsibility for the bombing as retaliation for Uganda's support towards the AMISOM occupation in Somalia. In 2015, over 15 suspects were tried in the High Court and majority of these are still serving their life imprisonment penalties including a Ugandan, Isa Ahmed Luyima who is believed to have orchestrated the suicide bombing.

These wounds and memories are still fresh in the minds of many Ugandans. Those that lost their loved ones are likely to carry this pain for eternity.


following these unfortunate events, the Uganda Police has now provided strict guidelines to event organisers, bars and public places which are hoping to telecast the World Cup finals in Russia between France and Croatia.

While addressing journalists on the aforementioned issues, SSP Emilian Kayima postulated that no one will be given access to broadcast the World Cup final unless they fulfill the security measures that have been put in place.

Evacuation plan, Fire hydrants, Sufficient lighting, are some of those that the police spokesman emphasised for any broadcaster wishing to telecast the finals.

He started;

" We shall not allow people who want to show the match in open places because such places are very difficult to control. Anything can happen."

He added that they will stop venues from showing the match if they don't have the security requirements.

Emiliano Kayima also cautioned the fans to be vigilant and know where to touch or escape from in case of anything.

" People must know where to gather or escape from when the lights go off of the place catches fire. We prefer that these places have one entrance so that security checks for weapons." - The police spokesperson told journalists.

The FIFA World Cup is known to bring excitement and intriguing feelings among football lovers World over due to the fact that it happens once every after four years and terrorists use this opportunity to target the non-suspecting followers.

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