Local leaders applaud impact of USMID projects in Moroto

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Local leaders applaud impact of USMID projects in Moroto
World Bank officials inspect projects in Moroto

A team from the World Bank has completed its inspection of infrastructure projects in Moroto Municipality, part of the Uganda Support to Municipal Infrastructure Development (USMID) program.

The visit, aimed at assessing the progress of these projects, included tours of the Moroto Bus Terminal, tarmac roads constructed under USMID, and solar lights installed on various streets and market places within Moroto municipality.

Eng. Isaac Mutenyo, the program coordinator for USMID, explained that the inspection's primary goal was to evaluate how the projects were contributing to the enhancement of urban infrastructure and the promotion of economic development in targeted municipalities across Uganda.

"We are here to ensure that the projects are not only completed but also serving their intended purposes," Mutenyo stated during the inspection.

"It's important to confirm that these projects are transforming communities and enabling economic growth."

Following the inspection, World Bank officials convened a meeting with representatives from various ministries, departments, and agencies involved in the implementation of the USMID program.

The meeting focused on project achievements, challenges encountered, and strategies for further improvement.

Local leaders in Moroto expressed their appreciation for the USMID projects, acknowledging the positive impact on the municipality's infrastructure and economic development.

Eyaru Richard, the Town Clerk of Moroto, emphasized the significance of the installed solar lights on the streets, which have made nighttime business safer and more accessible for vendors.

"The solar lights have transformed our streets, allowing vendors to operate safely at night," Eyaru said. "This has had a ripple effect on the local economy, as more people feel comfortable engaging in nighttime activities." he added

Ismail Mohammed, the Mayor of Moroto, also commended the World Bank's support, highlighting the broader impact of the projects on the municipality's growth.

"These projects are not just about infrastructure; they're about improving lives and providing opportunities for our people," he noted.

Moroto is one of several local governments selected for the World Bank's mission visit, with other districts including Mbale, Tororo, Busia, Kamuli, and Lugazi.

The inspection and subsequent discussions are expected to guide the further implementation of the USMID program, ensuring continued progress and sustainable development in Uganda's municipalities.

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