Former LoP Winnie Kizza advocates for a female president for Uganda

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Former LoP Winnie Kizza advocates for a female president for Uganda
Winnie Kiiza

For Ugandan women, the prospect of a female president is an exciting one. It's a dream many are actively working towards. The biggest obstacle? Breaking free from the societal stereotype that discourages women from believing in themselves.

For generations, Uganda has been a patriarchal society, where women's abilities are often underestimated. Mrs. Kiiza argues that this must change. She believes that if women, who make up over half the population (52%), joined forces behind a strong female candidate, Uganda could have its first female president.

"Imagine," she says, "the power we hold! If all these women supported one candidate, a woman leader would be a reality. Uganda would flourish under such leadership. After all, men, bless their hearts, can be a bit rough around the edges. Women, on the other hand, bring a nurturing and kind approach."

Mrs. Kiiza isn't shy about criticizing the past leadership. She uses the analogy of a messy bachelor pad that only becomes tidy with a woman's touch. "Our country is like that right now," she explains. "We need a woman's touch to bring order and progress."

Since independence in 1962, Uganda has had eight presidents, all men. However, the tide may be turning. Female candidates are emerging, but the road ahead is challenging. They face fierce competition, harassment, and even violence. Who will be the one to overcome these obstacles and potentially challenge the current president? Only time will tell. The candidacy of Maureen Kyalya, unfortunately, did not gain much traction, but she may pave the way for future female leaders.

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