How to jump start a car the right way

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By Okello Samuel

Do you need to know how to jump-start a car? Unfortunately, almost all of us have been there at one point or another.

However, even if you don’t already know how to properly jump-start a car, the process itself only takes a few minutes! Follow this short guide to get back on the road in no time.

The proper way to jump start car

Whether you’re performing your first jump start or you’ve performed the process a dozen times, it’s smart to refresh yourself on the proper way to jump-start a car, before you break out the jumper cables.

Here, we’ve laid out everything you need to know about how to jump-start a car battery

If you’ve decided not to call a jump start car service, you’ll need a set of jumper cables as we’ve mentioned above. You’ll also need another car with a working battery. Then, you’re ready to get started:

Park both vehicles close together, with each vehicle’s hood facing the other.

  1. Engage the parking brakes of both vehicles and make sure both are turned off.

2.Locate the positive and negative terminals on the dead battery. Make sure they’re clean and free of corrosion.

3.Attach one of the red clamps to the positive (red) terminal on the dead battery.

NOTE: While any of the four clamps are attached to a battery with power, you should take care to ensure that they never touch.

  1. Uncoil the battery cable and hook the other red clamp to the charged and operational battery.
  2. Next, attach the first black clamp to the negative (black) terminal on the working battery.

3.The last remaining black clamp should be attached to an unpainted metal surface on the vehicle’s frame. Don’t attach it to the dead battery.

4.Next, start the vehicle with the working battery. Let it run for a few minutes, then try to start the vehicle with the once-dead battery.

  1. Remove the jumper cables in the opposite order. Start with the ground, then remove the remaining black clamp from the starter vehicle. Then, remove the red clamps. Remember, don’t let the ends touch until all clamps have been removed!

6.The car that has been jump-started will need to charge for at least ten minutes, so let it run. Then, you’re ready to get back on the road!

What to do if your car won’t jump start

If your car won’t jump-start, you may be dealing with a dead and expired battery. In that case, you’d need to find a replacement available at S-Line Motors Ltd..

Schedule service today on 0708000888 0r 0779745722 to let the experts take a look.

In some cases, the problem might be with another component, and not related to the battery at all! If you hear a clicking sound but the car won’t turn over, you’re probably dealing with a faulty starter.

If your electrical systems (including your lights and radio) are working, then the issue could be with your starter, the ignition switch, or a fuse! If you’ve had to jump-start your car more than once in recent weeks, you could be facing a failing alternator.


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