Museveni warns against hindering Atiak Sugar Factory project

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Museveni warns against hindering Atiak Sugar Factory project
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President Museveni has said that anyone who opposes urbanization, particularly through industrialization, is an adversary of Uganda.

He emphasised the significance of urbanization and industrialization for the nation's progress

"Urbanization, especially through industrialization, is crucial for the region, and anyone who opposes it is either ignorant or working against the interests of the people," he said.

The President made these remarks during his visit to the Horyal Investment Holding Company in Gem Pacilo village, Atiak Sub-County, Amuru District.

Dr. Amina Hersi Moghe, a businesswoman, owns the company, which operates the Atiak Sugar Factory. The purpose of the President's visit was to assess the factory's progress.

Museveni believes that those who dispute the use of land for the Atiak Sugar Factory are opportunists whose intentions are to divide the Acholi people.

He vowed not to tolerate any distortions caused by groups, such as the Balaalo from the South, who came to the North without valid reasons.

While acknowledging that some individuals may have genuine intentions, he cautioned against those who misuse their land elsewhere and seek to create confusion in the region.

"We will oppose anyone causing distortions. Let us convene and discuss my document, and the committee we have established will seek a solution," Museveni noted.

Museveni emphasised the significance of the Atiak Sugar Factory as a catalyst for growth, asserting that the project will benefit the people of Acholi and neighbouring areas.

He drew a parallel with the positive impact Gulu University had on Gulu Town's development, highlighting the need for accommodation and amenities for students.

With regards to the land for the factory, which spans approximately 25,000 acres, President Museveni clarified that this represents only a fraction of the 27,000 square kilometres encompassing Acholi.

He denounced those who propagate confusion as enemies not only of Acholi but also of Uganda and Africa at large.

The President commended Dr Amina for initiating the project and urged leaders, including Members of Parliament, to support the investment's success.

"I extend my gratitude to Amina for launching this project. The progress we see is promising, and we should build upon it," he emphasised.

Museveni envisioned sugar production as a means to reduce imports and boost exports. He encourages perseverance, citing his personal experience of failing twice before succeeding with the Kabamba project.

During the event, Museveni pledged to reward the late John Omaya's family for their strategic decision to provide land for Dr. Amina's facility.

Furthermore, President Museveni advised smallholder farmers to pursue the four-acre model of farming instead of cultivating crops like sugarcane and cotton if they wish to maximize their income.

He emphasized the importance of focusing on products with national, regional, and international demand.

Francis Mwebesa, the Minister of Trade, Industry, and Cooperatives, expressed gratitude to President Museveni for his commitment to prioritize industrialization as a means of creating wealth, employment, and transforming communities.

He called upon partners, stakeholders, government agencies, and civil societies to support the Uganda Development Corporation and Horyal for the factory's success.

Norbert Mao, the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, highlighted that the project aligns with President Museveni's promise to industrialize Northern Uganda for job creation.

He acknowledged the significance of land as the region's greatest asset and commended the Omaya family for contributing to Maama Amina's development efforts.

Dr Amina expressed her gratitude to the Ugandan government, led by President Museveni, for their support, which has facilitated the progress of her company.

She assured the President that her company is prepared to collaborate with farmers and secure markets for their produce.

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