Govt initiates infrastructure development in Kalungu schools

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Govt initiates infrastructure development in Kalungu schools
Truck offload construction material

The government has commenced a comprehensive initiative to construct toilets and renovate buildings in public schools across Kalungu District.

The construction of toilets in schools is poised to tackle a critical issue of sanitation, which has been a concern for both students and teachers.

Inadequate sanitation facilities not only pose health risks but also contribute to absenteeism and hinder the overall learning experience.

By prioritising the construction of modern, hygienic toilets, the government is actively working towards creating a safer and healthier environment conducive to learning.

Kalungu District Education Officer Sylivia Grace Nakanwangi, revealed that Shs230 million has been earmarked for the renovation of facilities at several government schools in the current financial year.

Among them are St Mary's, St Charles Lwanga, Nnunda Primary School, Namuliro Quran P/S, Bweesa Corp. St Gertrude P/S, and Kyamusoke P/S.

Headteachers like Oliver Namaalwa of Nnunda Primary School expressed gratitude for the provision of essential facilities like toilets, addressing critical gaps in infrastructure that have persisted for far too long.

"We have spent a year without a toilet and this has sometimes led to the absence of teachers at school. So we are very thankful to the government of Uganda," Namaalwa said.

Additionally, the renovation of school buildings underscores the government's commitment to providing quality education infrastructure.

Dilapidated structures and inadequate facilities have long been obstacles to effective teaching and learning.

Through renovation efforts, schools in Kalungu are set to receive much-needed upgrades, including repairs to roofing, walls, floors, and other essential amenities.

These renovations will not only improve the aesthetics of school buildings but also enhance their functionality and longevity, ensuring a conducive learning environment for generations to come.

However, challenges persist, notably overcrowded classrooms that compromise the quality of education.

The district chairperson, Nyombi Mukiibi Kamaadi, directed to contractors, emphasising the importance of timely and quality execution of projects to avoid setbacks.

He pledged vigilance in ensuring accountability and warned against substandard work.

Kalungu District Education Officer Nakanwagi

Despite tangible progress, concerns voiced by figures like Lwabenge District chairman David Sseggawa and Kamaadi highlight the multifaceted nature of the issues facing the education sector.

Sseggawa lamented bureaucratic delays in returning schools to teachers, impeding educational development.

Meanwhile, Kamaadi decried the politicisation of development efforts, urging unity and collaboration to overcome challenges.

Teachers, and students alike have expressed gratitude for the government's proactive approach in addressing the infrastructure deficit in Kalungu schools.

Many see this initiative as a positive step towards bridging the gap in educational resources and providing equal opportunities for all students, regardless of their socioeconomic background.

Moreover, the initiative aligns with broader national development goals, including the promotion of education as a catalyst for socio-economic progress.

By investing in education infrastructure, the government not only empowers the current generation of students but also lays the foundation for future prosperity and development in Kalungu and beyond.

Headteachers said with improved infrastructure, enhanced sanitation facilities, and revitalized learning spaces, schools in the district are poised to become centers of excellence, nurturing the next generation of leaders, innovators, and changemakers.

By addressing critical challenges and investing in the future of education, this initiative paves the way for a brighter and more prosperous future for the youth of Kalungu although it is evident that substantial work lies ahead to address the pervasive dilapidation afflicting 78% of these institutions.

The impassioned plea from Chairman Kamaadi serves as a rallying cry for collective appreciation of governmental efforts and concerted action towards sustainable development.

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