Video: Prophet Mbonye Recaps Yet Another Year Of Fulfilled Prophesies

Uganda’s Prophet Elvis Mbonye relished yet another year of visions and prophecies fulfilled with pinpoint accuracy, entailing a wide range of major global events and phenomena.

The Man of God’s latest streak of foretold events is captured in a video posted recently on his YouTube channel, which has captured the attention of the nation and followership from around the world while enlisting a lot of prises for Mboye’s prophetic grace.

Some of the historical events predicted by the Man of God include the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that broke out last year and continues to rage on to this day.

Mbonye proclaimed back on January 23rd 2023, a vision he saw, in which Israel had launched an attack on its neighbour. This came to pass only three weeks later when the Israeli military carried out a drone attack on an Iranian nuclear facility.

Ten months later, the Iran-backed Hamas launched an attack on the Israeli territory in October last year, which sparked the bloody war in which over 25,000 people have been killed and two million displaced in Gaza.

Prophet Mbonye also foretold the March 2023 collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) in California, which was triggered by the sharp drop in its investment value, forcing depositors to withdraw large amounts of money.

The bank’s crisis which shook Silicon Valley to the core was predicted three months earlier by the Man of God, describing it as a “precursor to Babylon has fallen.”

But perhaps one of the most earth-shattering prophesies by Mbonye was the Mw 7.8 earthquake that struck southern and central Turkey and northern and western Syria killing over 50,000 and displacing 5 million.

The February 2023 quake, which has been described as one of the most disastrous in the past century, had been revealed to Prophet Mbonye bout three months earlier.

The Titanic Submersible which imploded in June 2023, killing five wealthy explorers on an expedition of the Titanic shipwreck in the Atlantic Ocean was yet another one of Prophet Mbonye’s accurate predictions last year

Three weeks before the tragic implosion of the capsule, the Man of God announced seeing a “drowning of a prominent figure.”

Mbonye’s prophetic gift which has stunned even the most ardent sceptics has over the years earned him great repute both at home and across the borders, with many international names speaking of him in awe.

Paul Wilbur, an American gospel artist, described Mbonye’s prophetic work as a true demonstration of God’s Kingdom on Earth.

Hellen Adjoa, a Ghanaian legislator sees the prophet as God’s gift to the people of Uganda, and the world.

“You must never take for granted the presence of the man of God in this country. In Ghana, we have watched him and we know what he has in him. If the world would listen to prophets like him we would move without much turbulence,” she said in the documentary.

Back home, leaders such as Justice Minister Hon Nobert Mao have expressed great admiration for the man of God.

“Truly he is one I would call a blessing to countries like Uganda on account of having that anointing that allows him to see things which he then shares with the rest of us.” Mao said.

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